T3: Timber, Transit, Technology

T3 (Timber, Transit, Technology) is the first commercial property in the United States to use engineered wood for its structure and interior. The 7-storey, 220,000-square-foot building was constructed with 8-foot-by-20-foot panels of engineered wood that were stacked across beams of glued, laminated timber. The panels themselves consisted of smaller strips of wood nailed together.

Project Facts:

  • Timber structure was erected at a speed exceeding conventional steel-framed or concrete buildings, completed in just 2.5 months at an average of 9 days per floor.
  • Over 1100 8’x20’ NLT (Nail Laminated Timber) panels are used in the project.
  • Approximately 1.5 million board feet were used in the structure, which will sequester about 3,200 tons of carbon for the life of the building.
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