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With growing concerns over climate change and the environmental impact of buildings, building designers are increasingly being called upon to balance innovative design, codes, functionality and cost objectives with a reduced environmental impact. Wood can help to achieve that balance.

reThink Wood represents North America's softwood lumber industry. We share a passion for wood and the forests it comes from. Our goal is to generate awareness and understanding of wood’s advantages in the built environment.

Wood costs less—economically and environmentally—while delivering more in terms of its beauty, versatility and performance. Wood meets code requirements in a wide range of low- and mid-rise building types, and innovative new technologies continue to expand the possibilities for wood use in construction. Wood can also deliver a deep connection to nature that will only become more valuable in our built environment as our cities continue to grow.

Join the reThink Wood community to make a difference for the future. Be part of the message to “rethink” wood use, address misperceptions and enhance awareness of wood’s benefits and choices. 

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