Innovative Wood Uses

Next-generation and innovative mass timber products allow architects and engineers to leverage the strength, stability and design flexibility of mass timber products. Products such as cross-laminated timber (CLT), allow building designers to push beyond wood’s perceived boundaries, achieving building heights and spans that would have once required concrete, steel, or masonry for structural support.

Architects and engineers can tap into the unlimited design possibilities of wood, while delivering buildings that will perform well for owners, and occupants. Wood is equally adapted for interior and exterior use, not only as a finish material, bringing warmth and natural beauty to interior and exterior applications.

The efficiency of these products, in terms of both cost and construction, have made wood a material of choice across a wide variety of buildings types, including commercial, institutional and industrial construction. In addition, wood's versatility and sustainability, allow for its use in many structural applications.

T3 Minneapolis uses mass timber in its design

T3 (Timber, Transit, Technology) in Minneapolis, MN is the first commercial property in the United States to use engineered wood for its structure and interior. 

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