Material and Building

Wood products sold in North America offer advantages in terms of material, construction and environmental costs. Wood typically costs less—economically and environmentally—while delivering more in terms of its beauty, versatility, and performance.
Project Costs 
Wood can be locally sourced and is usually less expensive than alternative building materials. Building with wood, whether custom or prefabricated, is fast and efficient, and can be undertaken year-round in almost any climate. Wood building systems typically cost less to install than other mainstream structural materials. Experienced wood contractors are widely available, and workers of varying skill levels can quickly learn wood construction techniques.
Environmental Costs 
Determining the true cost of a building material requires evaluating the product over its life cycle and taking into account its environmental as well as monetary costs. When considered over its lifetime—from the harvest of raw materials through manufacturing, transportation, installation, use, maintenance, and disposal or recycling—wood performs better than concrete and steel in terms of embodied energy, air and water pollution, and carbon footprint.
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