Innovation, Durability and Design

Wood’s design flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of building types and applications, both structural and aesthetic.
Wood can be used in many types of buildings, from single-family homes to multi-story condominiums and offices, schools, health facilities, recreational centers and public gathering areas. It is suitable not only as a finish material, bringing warmth and natural beauty to interior and exterior applications, but as a structural material, offering a cost-effective way to meet building code requirements for safety and performance.
Learn about new and innovative uses of wood in buildings, durability best practices, or view case studies showcasing a range of wood applications and structures.

Innovative Wood Uses

Next-generation and innovative mass timber products allow architects and engineers to leverage the strength, stability and design flexibility of mass timber products. Products such as cross-laminated timber (CLT), allow building designers to push beyond wood’s perceived boundaries, achieving building heights and spans that would have once required concrete, steel, or masonry for structural support.


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